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Pick the retail establishment (Shell, Kroger, Starbucks, WalMart etc..) you are wanting to use your Scrip Card.

Load your Scrip Card

Use your Scrip Card

Earn half of the kickback (2%-8%) of what you just spent at the retail establishment, goes to your Scrip account to use for soccer fees, the other half goes to the Club for maintenance, equipment and needed supplies.
GET STARTED! Shop with Scrip is the online system that we are using which is part of Great Lakes Scrip Co. You can go online to Great Lakes scrip directly,, and see complete list of retailers and also see specials that are being offered. Then when you want to order you must go the ShopwithScrip website.
Sporting Indiana FC families have an opportunity to earn money on gift card purchases they make through our Scrip program. Money earned will vary depending on the retailer, but there are thousands of retailers and companies that offer gift cards through the Scrip Program. 

Want to get started or find out more? 

Kris Powell 
SIFC S.C.R.I.P Director
Email: Kris Powell 
Phone: (317) 538-1895
A few retail places that you can use your  Scrip  card!