During this meeting, Sporting Indiana F.C.'s members will have the opportunity to vote on nominees for two open positions on Sporting Indiana F.C.'s Board of Directors currently occupied by David Powell and Rex Nelson. On behalf of Sporting Indiana F.C.'s Board of Directors, the Club's Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of individuals, submitted by members of the Club, for the open positions on Sporting Indiana F.C.'s Board of Directors

1) Open Position 1: David Powell (seeking re-election)
2) Open Position 2: Brett Bubalo

Additionally, in accordance with Article 9 of Sporting Indiana F.C.’s Bylaws this also serves as notice to the club’s membership that the Board of Directors have proposed a number of substantive amendments to Sporting Indiana F.C.’s Bylaws. Please see the attached “SIFC Bylaws Revised” for a red-lined copy of the Bylaws. This document incorporates the substantive amendments being proposed, as well as a number of grammatical and formatting revisions to the Bylaws that will not have any substantive effect on the document. For everyone’s convenience, Sporting Indiana F.C.’s Board of Directors has also provided the attached “Substantive Bylaws Amendments” which lists all of the substantive amendment to the Bylaws that are being proposed, and the attached “SIFC Bylaws Revised(clean)” which shows a clean version of the Bylaws with the proposed amendments .  VISIT BY-LAWS

In order to adopt the proposed amendments to the Bylaws​, two-thirds (2/3) of Sporting Indiana F.C.’s Members that are present at the Annual General Meeting (12/1/15) must vote in favor of the proposed modifications. Any proposed amendment(s) that are approved at the Annual General Meeting will become effective as of 1/1/2016.

If there are any questions about the proposed amendments, please feel free to contact any member of Sporting Indiana’s Board of Directors.​

All the files read here are on the website at http://www.sportingindianafc.com/By-Laws---Club-Info.html

Please see ALL content below concerning the AGM, By-Laws & the annual elections.  

AGM 2015 December


This is to inform all of you that Sporting Indiana F.C. will be holding its Annual General Meeting on December 1, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at:

Fortville Christian Church Worship Center
9450 N 200 W 
Fortville, IN 46040